This part of the site contains notes I've made as I went through the OU ED209 Developmental Psychology course in 2012-13. They also include audio recordings of notes for many of the chapters, especially for Books 2 and 3, kindly donated by Síobhra Reid. I hope you'll find them helpful, but bear in mind that I'm learning this stuff too so there may be mis-interpretations or errors. You can find me lurking around on Facebook if you want to report anything drastic !

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Note for Google Chrome users:

Over the last few months a number of people have reported that they get no response when clicking links on the site using the Google Chrome browser (although it works fine for the majority of people). The problem is due to some incompatibility between Google's Docs service where I store the content and Google's browser. There's no information available on what causes the problem and it's very frustrating trying to solve it. It seems to be related to the individual browser configuration/cookies in some weird way.

Some have found that logging into Google (gmail, google docs etc.) fixes the problem. Others have found this causes the problem !
A consistent finding is that it works all the time with other browsers (IE, Firefox) ...