This is my attempt to make revising for the DSE212 exam a bit more interesting and effective, hope you find it useful. Lots of people did when I did the course in Oct 2011-June 2012, and a huge thanks to everyone who sent me things from my Amazon wishlist, I have a load of holiday reading to get through !

Although I've finished the course I'm intending to keep the site up as long as people seem to find a use for it, so do let me know if the list of Part 1 terms has changed and I'll do an update to make sure that that part still works OK. It was fine for 2012-13 and 2013-14 as far as I know so I doubt they'll change the list until the course is replaced in 2016.

If you've found the site useful and would like to help me raise some cash for a good cause, you can donate any amount to the mental health charity Mind on my JustGiving page at (or if you're in a hurry you can text "YELL47" to 70070 to donate £10 !).

The main controls for navigating the site are the tabs above, and menus that appear to the left. The tabs lead to the following:

Home-this page
Margin Terms-common terms used in the module (the ones in the margins of the books)
Exam part 1-learn or practice the 45 exam terms (the ones on p.20 of the "Specimen Examination Booklet" under Assessment Resources on the DSE212 website), or
-generate a sample Part 1 exam question
Exam part 2-some summaries I made of the key points for the chapters that can come up in Part 2 of the Exam
Exam part 3-summaries of the key points for the chapters that can come up in Part 3 of the Exam

The idea for the "Test yourself" options is that you can pick a term (or have a random one presented), type in what you know or remember about the term, and then click the "Reveal answer" to see a version of what your answer might look like. Hopefully they're similar !

Note for Google Chrome users:

Over the last few months a number of people have reported that they get no response when clicking links on the site using the Google Chrome browser (although it works fine for the majority of people). The problem is due to some incompatibility between Google's Docs service where I store the content and Google's browser. There's no information available on what causes the problem and it's very frustrating trying to solve it. It seems to be related to the individual browser configuration/cookies in some weird way.

Some have found that logging into Google (gmail, google docs etc.) fixes the problem. Others have found this causes the problem !
A consistent finding is that it works all the time with other browsers (IE, Firefox) ...